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Graduate Institute of Counseling Psychology and Rehabilitation Counseling

With a view to improving the professionalism and needs of the institution’s future growth, a restructure of the original two institutions, the Graduate Institution of Guidance and Counseling(founded in1994) and the Graduate Institution of Rehabilitation Counseling(founded in 2004) occurred. These two institutions were merged into a singleinstitute, the Graduate Institute of Counseling Psychology and Rehabilitation Counseling (GICPRC). The GICPRC includes two programs:(1) the Program ofRehabilitationCounseling for master degrees and (2)the Program of Counseling Psychology for master and doctoral degrees. To our knowledge, the GICPRCwas among the first to integrate amultidisciplinary education program between rehabilitation counseling and counseling psychology, in Taiwan Academia.
Educational goals
Along with our university’s motto “Integrity, Respect, Greatness and Profundity”, the doctoralProgram of counseling psychology aims to train counselors and researchers in counseling psychology. The masterProgram of counseling psychology was designed to produce well trained, certified counselors for communities and schools. The master Program ofRehabilitationCounselingwas designed to train rehabilitation specialty in labor administration, education, social affairs and medical settings.
Graduates of the Program of Counseling Psychology have found work in schools (60%), communities, hospitals and counseling clinics (40%). Graduates of the Program ofRehabilitationCounseling have found work in schools (67%), labor administration (22%) and medical rehabilitation (11%). Many employers are satisfied with our graduates because of their professional performance and excellent training.
As several laws regarding licenses for counselors in schools, medical hospitals and long-term institutional carehave changed due to recent legislation more counselors with appropriate training are needed. Our graduates are highly regarded and sought after by employers within the counselingprofession, which will make many opportunities available to who are interested in our programs.